The Tranquil Design of Toby Pomeroy

Imagine a daylong trip to the spa, where your sole directive is to relax, refresh, and regenerate. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Toby Pomeroy’s designs are the jewelry equivalent of that day at the spa. Tranquil and visually soothing, they lift your spirits and calm your nerves. Thanks to expert textures, serene shapes, and sleek, glossy metals, they’re the feel-good jewels you’ve been looking for.
Toby Pomeroy Oasis pendant
Oasis pendant in EcoSilver with ideal-cut diamonds, $2,805
That all of Pomeroy’s jewelry is sustainable plays into my spa fantasy quite well—that aura of natural and uncomplicated lives on through the inanimate objects that spark with life. Fairmined gold and platinum, as well as EcoGold and EcoSilver—recycled metals introduced in collaboration with Hoover & Strong in 2006—account for the materials that comprise these treasures, and options are also available on request in EcoPlatinum, a material also derived from reclaimed sources.
Toby Pomeroy Eclipse hoop earrings
Eclipse hoop earrings in EcoSilver with diopside, price on request
Available in Pomeroy’s bridal line (not shown here), and in other select creations, is True Gold, the designer’s own ethical sourcing effort that uses completely traceable gold, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones. (You can read all about the designer’s extensive effort here).
Toby Pomeroy Gingko Twist earrings
Long Gingko Twist earrings in blackened EcoSilver and 14k EcoGold with 0.04 ct. t.w. ideal-cut diamonds, $1,925
Toby Pomeroy threader earrings
Threader earrings in 14k yellow EcoGold with 0.04 ct. t.w. ideal-cut diamonds, $650
Conscious design is not something taken lightly by this brand. “Being a responsible jeweler means doing things as right as we are able to do them,” says Pomeroy. “When we cut corners, the outcome will have corners missing—the result will always carry the process within it. Each step and every aspect of making a piece of jewelry, from vetting and selecting the gems and metals, to devoting the requisite care in creating it, lives forever in that article of jewelry. Creating responsible jewelry is far less challenging than pretending source and process don’t matter.”
Toby Pomeroy Lunar Eclipse pendant
Lunar Eclipse pendant in blackened EcoSilver and 14k EcoGold with ideal-cut diamonds, $595
Jewelry that looks good is one thing, but jewelry that you can feel good about buying, selling, and wearing is on another level.
Top: Oasis earrings in blackened EcoSilver and 14k EcoGold, $695
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