TracTech Systems Adds Flatbed Reader

TracTech Systems, a maker of jewelry tags containing computer chips, has just added a flatbed reader to its product offering. Since 2003, TracTech users have been able to inventory merchandise using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags either affixed to a product by way of an adhesive tag or taped to a small bag in the case of loose stones.

Designed to enable jewelry manufacturers, diamond dealers, and retailers to read hundreds of items per minute, TracTech’s original reader—a bulky tabletop unit—is now joined by a more space-efficient flatbed model that is portable, lighter in weight, and capable of counting up to 50 items at a time, depending on size of item. RFID jewelry tags allow users to count and manage inventory in a fraction of the time needed to scan individual bar codes or to read handwritten tags.

Check out a demo video on TracTech Systems’ Web site.

TracTech Systems

A new flatbed reader is available from TracTech Systems.