Tous Jewelry Collections for Fall 2009


I caught up with Tous jewelry on Tuesday evening to see some of their latest designs for fall 2009. Tous is a Spanish maker of sterling and karat gold jewelry designs, and the brand’s icon is a teddy bear.



The viewing was held at the Soho House New York, and the theme was 1920’s vintage glamour (oui, trés chic).



Silent film star, Norma Talmadge’s speaking-film roles didn’t take off, but she had the 1920’s glamour part down.


Indeed, the jewelry collections were glamorous. Some of the new lines include oversize silhouettes of gemstones, in sterling and in 18k gold, motifs inspired by rocks, one-offs, and other vintage-inspired looks.

The displays at the event–this one of pearls–were elegant and fit the theme of day perfectly.


The Ever jewelry collection features oversize sterling silver gemstone-sihouettes, and delicate offerings of the same looks in 18k gold (to keep costs down).


The Prisma jewelry collection features boulder-inspired motifs (thanks to a mesmerizing emerald acquired by a Tous exec) in karat gold and pendants strung on rope.


One-off jewelry designs include 18k white gold styles set with black diamonds, and sterling pieces from Ever accented by feathers.


And the inspiration behind the Penta collection is everyone’s favorite five-sided symbol—drum roll, please—the pentagon (the shape at least, and not necessarily the one in D.C.). Penta jewelry designs are made in sterling silver. 

Brand representatives also told me that Tous jewelry was planning to open as many as 18 stores in the U.S. this year, an ambitious goal considering the economy. Worldwide, it already has 360 brand stores. Currently, Tous jewelry does not sell to independents for “quality control reasons,” according to a spokesperson at the event, though it wholesales a bit of in Mexico and Spain. So, if you like the looks, you’ve got to find them online or in one of its stores (or at least until some convincing independent retailer persuades them to sell wholesale).



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