Tourneau’s New Site Embraces True Omnichannel Retailing

Employees can now sell pre-owned watches from iPads

Luxury timepiece retailer Tourneau has put the power of its massive inventory in the hands of its sales associates with its newly remodeled website

The new portal, which debuted last month, allows store associates to access the company’s entire inventory of new and certified pre-owned watches on iPads they tote around—enabling them to sell a product that’s off-site on the spot. 

The new site also boasts many new features and functions for watch shoppers. Users can now schedule appointments at Tourneau stores and can choose to ship their goodies to a local store or to their home. The site is also big on educational resources and all things horology; one education page details the anatomy of a watch, while another covers common technical questions.

The revamped portal does what many retailer sites have tried but not quite succeeded in doing: It brings the omnichannel retailing concept to life by linking up the company’s entire inventory on a single platform that’s both employee- and consumer-facing. Which is the key to a seamless omnichannel experience.

“In developing Tourneau’s new platform, we wanted to create a website and shopping experience that realizes the online potential of today’s informed, tech-savvy luxury consumer,” said Katherine Bahamonde Monasebian, chief marketing officer at Tourneau, in a statement. She added, “The site will help our brand partners tell their stories in an engaging way.” 

For retailers looking to emulate the look and functionality of the platform, a few specs: It was designed in partnership with e-commerce consulting company LyonsCG, using the Demandware e-commerce platform.

JCK Magazine Editor