Top Tips for Creating Text-Only Posts on Instagram

Jewelry retail store State St. Jewelers in Greensboro, N.C., has only 420 followers on Instagram—but that number is set to grow.

Whoever’s managing the store’s @statestjewelers Instagram account (well done, you) has been catching lots of “likes” with a series of witty text-only posts in recent weeks. See a couple of my favorites below.

Via: @statestjewelers

Via: @statestjewelers

The posts are not only entertaining—they also speak to women’s empowerment and autonomy, two very timely messages. And the series of posts are adding visual polish to the retailer’s Instagram grid (landing page).

This is a big deal, because creating an alluring and consistent-feeling grid is one of the biggest challenges for Instagram marketers. How so? You want to offer variety in your posts so your current and future followers are delighted and engaged—but you also want to create a consistent vibe and look for your brand that can be understood in mere seconds. Tricky, tricky.

See how nicely the jeweler’s grid is shaping up with the new text posts?

State St Jewelers Instagram
State St. Jewelers’ Instagram grid

Text-only posts work well on Instagram because the network is dominated by photography. Tucked in between reams of color shots, the printed word really stands out.

If you’ve had success with cleverly worded posts on Instagram in the past, or are looking to occasionally publish a text-only post that really lands with your followers, bear these suggestions (not rules!) in mind:

++ Publish text posts sparingly (unless your followers are begging for more, of course). Overuse word-only posts and they can lose their impact quickly. If you’re unsure about how often to post one, look to @tiffanyandco—the iconic jeweler posts a text-only spot once a month or so.

Via: tiffanyandco

++ Don’t forget to design your post. A great text post is much more “designed” than a photo post. Choose a cool typeface/font, experiment with right/left/center justification, and opt for a color that matches the tone of your message.

++ Find great things to say. If the message or quote you’re considering doesn’t have zip, sass, or emotional depth, put it in a caption under a photo, not a text-only post. Search online for classic quotes and old (read, cool again) clichés that talk about jewelry, gems, and style; channel the “ever notice…” observational humor of Ellen DeGeneres; or brainstorm a clever “got your back” sentiment—one that includes diamonds, of course.

Top: A recent post from State St. Jewelers (image via: @statestjewelers)

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