Top 10 Jewelry-Related Twitter Links of the Week

Last week, when I was in New York City, I kept myself occupied during my subway commute by scrolling through my Twitter feed. The stories that caught my eye had a few distinct themes: technology, the economy, and the possibilities of the DIY movement chief among them. Here are 10 of my favorite links:

Behind the rise of 3-D printing

“3D printing might not be available in all homes yet, but the latest desk-top 3D printers bring us one step closer to the possibility of manufacturing more things for ourselves.”

Casio G-Shock syncs with an iPhone to deliver email, call alerts

“Pushing out to retailers in the United States this week, the CASIO G-SHOCK wristwatch with Bluetooth 4.0 allows iPhone 5 and 4S owners to sync the device in order to trigger a variety of alerts related to calls, email and security.”

That $2 million sculpture by Pharrell, Murakami, and Jacob the Jeweler is in Miami

Introduced at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2009, the Simple Things sculpture—made from “glass fiber, steel, acrylic, wood, LED, and 7 objects made of gold (white, yellow, and pink) set with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds”—is back on display in Miami.

What the increase in online shopping means for retailers

Q: “What shopping trends are you seeing from mobile consumers this holiday season?”

A: “The simple answer is research. Consumers are getting savvier at finding the best deals possible and when they need information, they turn to their smartphones. Every purchase is a considered purchase now, no matter how much is being spent.”

Luxury spending a moving target for 2013

From the no-duh department: Emerging economies like Brazil, Russia, India, and China, aka the BRICs, are likely to drive demand for luxury goods. “The BRICs ‘now account for 11% of total luxury sales, up from just 4% in 2004,’ according to Euromonitor International. ‘However by 2017 this figure is set to increase further by 78% in real value terms to reach US$59 billion, representing almost 16% of the global luxury goods market.’”

Jeweler dazzles the diamond world

@Kremkow drew my attention to this story with this tweet: “I am part Indiana Jones & part Michelangelo,” says jeweler Al Molina. Profile in The OC Register: #comedy

Tweet from @ZalesJewelers

I did a double take when I read this promotional tweet from Zales: “Tis the season to sparkle and shine. Save $100 on this blue diamond pendant, now $19.99.” Too good to be true? Perhaps. The link embedded in the tweet——leads to a no-results page.

66 coral species nominated for endangered list

How will the campaign to protect coral reefs from the devastation caused by increasing water temperatures and the rise of ocean acidification affect the coral jewelry industry?

Watch this: Now you can wear Instagram on your wrist

Meshu—Turn your places into beautiful objects

Need more proof of the DIY revolution? Ta-da. And lo and behold—we covered Meshu way back in June.