Top 10 JCK News Stories of 2013

The Crater of Diamonds State Park, problems at diamond labs, and issues with moissanite top JCK’s most-clicked news stories of 2013.

1. 14-Year-Old Finds 3.85 Ct. Yellow Diamond at Arkansas Park

JCK readers enjoy hearing about big diamond finds—such as when 14-year-old Tana Clymer found a 3.85 ct. canary yellow diamond in Crater of Diamonds State Park. The Murfreesboro, Ark., park is known for letting visitors search for diamonds and keep what they find.

2. Diamond Grading Labs Using Different Standards, Survey Finds

A Rapaport survey confirmed what jewelers have long known, when it sent a diamond to different labs and it received vastly different grades.

3. New Moissanite May Fool Jewelers, Warns Charles & Colvard 

The new moissanite being produced by Charles & Colvard may be white enough to fool jewelers into thinking it’s a diamond, warned CEO Randy McCullough.

4. 5 Jewelry Statements From Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw

To commemorate The Carrie Diaries, editorial assistant Stephanie Schaefer selected a few memorable jewelry pieces from the original series that reflect the Sex and the City heroine’s signature style.

5. Macy’s Accidentally Marks $1,500 Necklace Down to $47

A Macy’s catalog in April inadvertently offered customers the deal of a lifetime—a $1,500 necklace marked down to $47, a 97 percent discount.

6. 2.95 Carat Diamond Found at Arkansas Park

The second Crater of Diamonds State Park story to make the list, this recounts the 2.95 ct. brown diamond found in the park on July 4.

7. ABC News Finds Jewelers Not Disclosing Clarity Enhancement, Inflating Appraisals

In July, the ABC News show The Lookout charged two New York City jewelers for not properly disclosing that the diamonds they sold were fracture-filled.

8. Shock, Puzzlement Follow GIA President’s Resignation

The industry expressed shock and puzzlement after the GIA announced the abrupt resignation of Donna M. Baker, its longtime president and CEO, in June.

9. Georgia Jeweler Killed in Robbery 

On June 26, a jewelry store smash-and-grab robbery attempt escalated into gunfire, tragically killing store owner Mitch Mobley. 

10. Survey: Engagement Ring, Wedding Band Average Price Increases Slightly

Couples spent a little bit more for wedding and engagement rings in 2012, according to a survey released by


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