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The Return of Tomfoolery London’s Art Ring Exhibit


London’s Tomfoolery boutique is hosting a new edition of its fabulous Art Ring exhibit, a showcase of bold artisan creativity, beginning Nov. 23.

The 29 independent designers in the show each created a ring that exemplifies their distinctive style and techniques—resulting in a wild array of looks that makes for an inspired jewelry adventure for visitors.

On this page are some of the rings from the Art Ring exhibit, which opens Nov. 23 and runs through Jan. 24, 2024. You can also read the designers’ inspiration for their pieces—quotes that will be featured alongside each ring on display.

Evangeline Porche Tendrils of the Soul Art ring
Tendrils of the Soul ring in 14k yellow gold with pink tourmaline, £2,925 ($3,600); Evangeline Porche

“The fantasy-cut tourmaline represents the self or a soul. The climbing vines and tendrils encompass the stone, symbolizing the impermanence of all things, the continuation of life, and newfound beauty in both the past and present.” —Evangeline Porche, Evangeline Jewelry

Marion Lebouteiller Gold Ribbon Art ring
Gold Ribbon ring in recycled sterling silver and 18k yellow gold with diamonds, £2,200 ($2,710); Marion Lebouteiller

“This ring is all about movement. It is like a golden ribbon that delicately joins two parts together. Strong, steady lines mix with lightness and fluidity.” —Marion Lebouteiller, Marion Lebouteiller Jewellery

Malaika Carr Starry Night Art ring
Starry Night ring in 18k gold vermeil over sterling silver with citrine, £675 ($830); Malaika Carr

“Inspired by the mesmerizing architecture of the Royal Opera House, mirroring the grandeur of its auditorium ceiling. Wearing this ring feels akin to stargazing within the opulent auditorium. The alluring oval motif gracefully echoes the celestial path of stars in a velvet, starry night. Its elegant curves beckon you to twirl in a slow, enchanting dance.” —Malaika Carr, Chalk House

Maria Manola Verddant Minerals Geoda Art ring
Verdant Minerals Geoda ring in 9k yellow gold and black rhodium with green tourmaline, tsavorite, peridot, and salt-and-pepper diamonds, £1,875 ($2,310); Maria Manola

“This ring is inspired by the natural shape of geodes—hollow and exceptional geological formations within sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Masses of sparkly crystals are secluded inside [geodes] and are revealed when cut in half. The ring plays with the juxtaposition between the matte and the glint, the rough and the elaborate, the hollow and the whole.” —Maria Manola, Maria Manola Jewellery

Momocreatura aquamarine Dew Drop Art ring
Dew Drop ring in recycled 9k yellow gold with 1.73 ct. Tanzanian Moyo aquamarine and 0.02 ct. salt and pepper diamond, £1,125 ($1,390); Momocreatura

“During ancient Roman times, there was a belief that dew was a celestial vapor bestowed upon the Earth by the moon and stars. This belief was rooted in the observable phenomenon that dew typically formed on clear, cloudless nights when the moon and stars adorned the night sky. Drawing inspiration from this celestial connection, the Tanzanian Moyo aquamarine is likened to the dew, created by the moon and stars and surrounded by delicate gold drops.” —Momo Tamura, Momocreatura

Issy White Phellem Art ring
Phellem Art ring in 14k yellow gold with white, green, blue, and champagne diamonds, £3,750 ($4,620); Issy White

“A piece that pays homage to the endless, unpredictable beauty of Mother Nature. The ring is cast from the outer crust of English oak bark (phellem), with a negative space that’s ringed by diamonds, like a whorl of lichen encrusted on a tree.” —Issy White, Issy White

Page Sargisson rainbow sapphire Art ring
Cocktail ring in 18k yellow gold with rainbow sapphires, £6,050 ($7,450); Page Sargisson

“My sapphire cocktail ring is inspired by the big over-the-top rings I saw my great-aunt wearing when I was growing up. I wanted to create a statement ring that you would notice but would be very wearable. I made this ring by meticulously carving the shape in wax and casting the piece in gold. The challenging part was to position the sapphires in a randomized composition, however still complementing each other.” —Page Sargisson, Page Sargisson

Ellis Mhairi Cameron Autumnal Legacy Art ring
Autumnal Legacy ring in 14k yellow gold with 1.3 ct. oval diamond and 0.75 ct. t.w. champagne diamonds, £7,995 ($9,840); Ellis Mhairi Cameron

“The one-of-a-kind Legacy ring is inspired by the medieval jewelry hoards which have been found across Scotland. The softly distressed texture of the ring band contrasts with the color of the diamonds. The diamonds are set into the texture of the ring, as though it has just been discovered, like buried treasure.” —Ellis Mhairi Cameron, Ellis Mhairi Cameron

Ami Pepper Coral and Barnacle Art ring
Coral & Barnacle Cluster ring in 9k yellow gold with green sapphires, £5,700 ($7,020); Ami Pepper

“This ring explores the intricate cluster formations of shells and life underwater. [My] inspiration and love of shells derives from childhood memories of beach combing along the Pembrokeshire coast. By studying the traces of the tides and colors of the landscape, the ring encapsulates an essence of the raw, organic treasure, encrusted with barnacles like a shell would be over time under the sea.” —Ami Pepper, Ami Pepper

Sonny Bailey Aird Seasons and Time Art ring
Seasons & Time ring in 18k yellow gold with white and salt-and-pepper diamonds, £3,125 ($3,850); Sonny Bailey-Aird

“Life is a cycle of change, and the seasons are just another reminder of that.” —Sonny Bailey-Aird, Sonny Bailey-Aird Jewellery

DMD Balance Within Asymmetry Art ring
Balance Within Asymmetry ring in 14k yellow gold with sapphire and diamonds, £5,310 ($6,540); DMD

“This ring is a continued exploration into finding a balance within asymmetry. Gemstones like this uniquely shaped sapphire pose a new challenge to find equilibrium—weighing elements of stone orientation, color, texture, and negative space. Each of these composition style rings demands its own set of logic for how stones and designs are arranged, creating an innovative visual narrative for the wearer.” —Derek Mckay Duncan, DMD Metal

Shimell Madden Drop Art ring
Drop ring in 18k yellow gold with sapphire, £5,995 ($7,380); Shimell & Madden

“Finding geometry in nature. Radiating rings of gold surround a blue sapphire like the formation of ripples from a droplet disrupting the surface of still water.” —Emma Madden, Shimell & Madden

WWAKE oval Art ring
Mosaic ring in 14k recycled yellow gold with opal, green beryl, sapphire, and diamonds, price on request (sold); WWAKE

“Our Mosaic rings are an assemblage of stones of different shapes and colors, an interesting pattern that is asymmetrical but feels balanced. Inspired by terrazzo floors, where all these random little pieces of stone come together to make a playful, beautiful, smooth foundation for you to walk on. I like the metaphor, especially for a special ring in your life. The ring frames a two-tone black opal from Australia that I’ve had for five years. It’s from my friend and mentor, who is a miner in that area.” —Wing Yau, WWAKE

Top: Earth ring in 18k yellow gold with aquamarine, tsavorite, garnet, and sapphire, £7,800 ($9,600); Susannah King. “This ring is inspired by our home planet. The aquamarine center stone reminds me of the beautiful blue skies with gorgeous fluffy clouds. It’s a celebration of the sunrise in the morning. A fresh new day, like a bright awakening of the refreshed self. I wanted to create a party-style bouquet for the hand that transmits this idea of newness and revitalization. I wanted the wearer to remember that they’re renewed every morning, and can start the day fresh in the knowledge that they’re worthy and wonderful.” —Susannah King, Susannah King London

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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