Todd Reed’s Signature Color Nail Polish Is a Brilliant Idea for Jewelers to Steal

When Liz Kantner, marketing manager and Instagram expert for Todd Reed in Boulder, Colo., sent me a little bottle of gray nail polish as a gift, I thought, How clever, it’s the same color as the diamonds that Todd uses. Well, yes, that was exactly Kantner’s point—a signature color polish.

The idea was born when Kantner, wearing her favorite gray polish, noticed how good it looked with Todd’s jewels. Then when Reed rebranded and chose a light gray color for his logo that was an almost exact match to Kantner’s fave shade, the coincidence was just too much to overlook. To wit, Essie’s Take It Outside became the brand’s go-to gift for editors and clients.

Essie's Take It Outside gray nail polish is Todd Reed's signature color brand polish, a gift for editors and clients

Essie’s Take It Outside is a gray nail polish that Todd Reed gives as gifts to editors and clients because it’s a reminder of the gray diamonds he uses.

Cuff in oxidized silver from Todd Reed with diamonds

Cuff in silver with rose-cut diamonds

“I think nail polish and jewelry go really well together,” Kantner observes. “Especially because ring stack photos are all over the Internet. When selling jewels, having a nice manicure is part of the process.”

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