To the Point: Index Finger Cocktail Rings Dazzle This Season

The holiday season has arrived, the season of all manner of get-togethers that give one an excuse to get dressed up (not that anyone necessarily needs an excuse). One of the quickest and easiest ways to add some major dazzle to an ensemble is to add a spectacular cocktail ring. The location of choice for such a ring on the hands of fashionistas this season is an index finger.


The November 2010 issue of InStyle magazine features a montage of photos of popular young actresses wearing “formidable baubles” on their index fingers. The featured rings are from Joan Hornig, Lorraine Schwartz, Neil Lane, Samantha Wills, Tito Pedrini, Bochic, Bulgari and simply “vintage.”

Take note that the rings are worn on the index finger of the left hand unless the actress is wearing an engagement ring or wedding band on the ring finger of that hand, in which case the cocktail ring is worn on the index finger of the right hand.

Two exceptions to these general rules:  Drew Barrymore wears one large cocktail ring on the index finger of each hand, and Blake Lively wears rings on three fingers of one hand. Whether you wear one cocktail ring or several, this style has almost universal appeal, providing the perfect way to make any look more festive.

* * * 

My blog followers no doubt have noticed what, for me, are limited photos illustrating my posts. Yes, my computer is still in the shop and the technological difficulties of working with an old desktop persist. A replacement part that had to be secured from the manufacturer arrived, or so I thought, but it proved to be the wrong part. I hope to have my computer fully up and running again and to be able to post one of my photo-intensive blog posts later this week. If that doesn’t happen, here’s hoping that some of those Black Friday computer deals are going to be with us for another week or two. 

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