To Marquise or Not to Marquise? A Question for Your Engagement Ring Selection

Sylvie Collection marquise diamond engagement ring
Sylvie Collection

We know all too well the rules of fashion trends: What’s old eventually becomes new again, and styles we swear no one would be caught dead in ever again return to favor quicker than we thought possible (Oh hello, 1990). It’s the same in jewelry, though our industry benefits from having a firm grasp on the timeless, where a round diamond solitaire is equivalent to a classic LBD.

Katharine James Sposa Bella marquise engagement ring
Katharine James

Then there is the marquise-cut diamond: It was huge in the ’80s, and time and time again when I worked in retail, women came into the store looking to redesign their “outdated” engagement rings. A popular suggestion was, “Why don’t you set the stone east-west, and wear it on your right hand?” The end result was beautiful when the client went for it. Other times, they swapped out the stone altogether for a 2 or 3 carat round stone, because well darn it, they’d been married long enough to deserve it. That sizable stone will last them a lifetime—and their kids lifetimes—too, because I can’t ever imagine a time when round brilliants will be out of favor. And you can totally quote me on that.

Jade Trau marquise diamond engagement ring
Jade Trau

But back to the marquise: Its time has come yet again. We’re seeing it in a big way, and it’s better than ever. Same football-shaped stone, but new, gorgeously crafted designs. So what’s changed? Gone are the chunky yellow gold bands of decades past, replaced with satiny white gold or platinum, delicate halos and split-shanks—and in some cases, even hints of rose gold or fancy color diamonds. We’re seeing just as many side-set as the traditional up-and-down settings. What once was considered stale has returned with a facelift, a designer touch, a breath of fresh air.

Forum Design Alessia marquise diamond engagement ring
Forum Design

Engagement rings like the ones highlighted here absolutely warrant a second look at the marquise. It looks beautiful on long, slender fingers, a small stone gets a big look with the cut, and well, like I said, look at these settings!

MJ Wilman marquise and blue diamond engagement set
MJ Wilman

So, back to the original question: Are you taking in extra stock of marquise-cut engagement rings this season? Have you noticed more requests for the cut, are clients sticking with the classic round, or is cushion still the cut du jour? I’d love to hear your thoughts and stories.

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