Timelessly on Time: 6 New Watches for Your Store

Earlier this year, we shared our Essentials Guide, an offering of the pieces every great retail jeweler should have on hand at all times. To help you keep a great selection in stock, I’ll be sharing the latest, most alluring jewels from each category for showcase consideration. Onward to strong sales!

Essential No. 3: Watches

There’s a lot of talk out there about wearable tech, and don’t get me wrong, I’m interested. I wear a fitness band, and if I did own a smartwatch, it’d probably run a fraction of my life. Yet, there’s something so soothing about a traditional watch. One that doesn’t tell you when you have a text message or when you need to get up and move around (I’ll run when I darn please, FuelBand). Before the chatter about smartwatches, men collected timepieces just to collect them—and I’m certain that they still do. We can wear watches to tell the time, sure, but it’s also a fashion accessory, a commemorative souvenir, a gift. So I picked out some of my favorite new watches from JCK Marketplace, which I hope you’ll consider stocking in your store. Because your customers don’t have to stop donning their watches—especially this summer, when there are so many events they need to be on time for.


MICHELE Serein diamond red watch




Royal Crown automatic mechanical watch

Royal Crown


Original Penguin Men's OP Caesar Black Quartz

Original Penguin by Zeon America


Bering Time Arctic Midsummer Night‘s Dream Watch

Bering Time



Marcel Drucker Men's Stainless Steel Watch

Marcel Drucker for Quintessence Jewelry Corporation



Obaku black leather sport watch


Visit our Essentials Guide to read more about the pieces to keep stocked in your store. Need some help getting it into your showcase? Contact me at bsiminitz at jckonline dot com.

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