Tim Gunn Needs to Check Out Penny Preville’s New Collection

When fashion maven and Project Runway star Tim Gunn appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher a few weeks ago, he had some had some pretty harsh words for the eroding state of fashion today. He called it the “slobification of America,” pointing the finger at one of Maher’s favorite targets—guess who?—and then he went here:

“And now with the athleisure trend? It legitimizes and validates all this ‘slobification.’ The nation has become one big slumber party—people just don’t seem to know the boundary between bed and being outside. Everyone’s wearing sweatpants and tank tops—look at the correlation [to] all the bad behavior that’s in profusion and that’s escalating.”

 I’m not sure, but I don’t think Mr. Gunn had the ladies of Big Little Lies (can you tell I watch a lot of HBO?), with their cozy, loungy sweaters and chic yoga attire, in mind. Or that fit NYC lady boss clutching her Le Pain Quotidien skim latte en route to SoulCycle in full workout gear (and makeup). Or Mandy Moore and J.Law when they’re off duty.

You know, the kind of woman who favors jewelry by NYC designer Penny Preville.

Which is why Preville’s new Moderne Collection is the perfect remedy for Gunn’s concerns. Because you could wear these Art Deco–inspired pieces with anything aggressively sporty (or slovenly for that matter) and still be the most glamorous woman in the room.

The Moderne Collection by Penny Preville

The Moderne Collection by Penny Preville

“I am inspired by what’s happening in fashion today, everyone is into ‘athleisure,’” says Preville. (Hear that, Tim Gunn?)

“So I wanted to create a collection that complements your everyday life. For example, you may only wear one of the Moderne chain necklaces to your yoga class, but after you layer on two more, you’re all set for drinks out with your friends.”

There are 30 18k gold and diamond pieces to choose from, offering women the chance to mix and match a mini collection of items completely tailored to their lifestyle—that is, added and removed (or completely piled on) to make even the most casual of outfits feel primetime perfect.

Retailers who visited Preville’s booth at the most recent Couture show were very into this idea, both the inspiration and the resulting versatility that comes with the designs—the top three best sellers are highlighted below.

PS: I may or may not have written this in my pajamas.

Prices from $2,200 to $12,000; Penny Preville

Moderne Small Everyday Deco earrings Moderne Small Everyday Deco earrings with round and baguette diamonds in 18k rose gold

Moderne Layering Chain Necklace Moderne Layering Chain Necklace with baguettes and round diamonds in 18k yellow gold

Moderne Large Diamond Shape Deco EarringsModerne Large Diamond Shape Deco Earrings with baguettes in 18k rose gold



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