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TikTok’s Mother’s Day Insights May Help Your Marketing Strategy


TikTok recently released a series of insights chronicling how its users are engaging around Mother’s Day, in efforts to help its marketers boost their promotions for the upcoming holiday.

Though TikTok’s user base is known to skew younger, surprisingly, one in four of its users is a mother.

With that in mind, TikTok provided some helpful information about the products its mom base is looking for.

For instance, jewelry was the second top category of products TikTok moms are planning to buy this holiday: 31.4% of them, according to the data. The only higher spending category, with 32.7% of mom users, was a vacation—not at all a surprising number given how little people have traveled over the past year.

So what can retailers do with this bit of knowledge? Even though not all shoppers use TikTok, obviously, this information is pretty basic and expected and can be capitalized on across myriad kinds of shoppers. First, there’s the obvious good news: Moms want jewelry this year. And since some people may not be ready to travel yet (whether for financial, safety, or other reasons), consider store promotions involving travel-themed jewelry, invoking thoughts of a favorite, faraway place and inviting the promise of a future journey there.

TikTok also pointed out that mothers on its platform are heavy mobile users (again, not really surprising, but still valuable knowledge), lending truth to the idea that retailers should lean heavily on digital marketing, and on social in particular.

“They’re more likely to see your content through a phone screen, and they often discover brands through social media. Marketers should take notice, and reach them with immersive advertising in mobile-first environments for maximum impact,” noted the platform on its blog.

TikTok noted several helpful marketing campaign details on its blog (all of which can be read here), but one of the most interesting was that if your store runs on Shopify, you can set up TikTok campaigns without leaving the Shopify dashboard.

In addition to TikTok—a platform many retailers may not even be on or have a strategy for—consider amping up your paid campaigns on Instagram, where a younger audience with growing spending power still resides. Not that moms ever need an excuse to spend on jewelry, but offering special Instagram-only discounts through your ads is an excellent way to entice new purchasers to your brand.

(Photo courtesy of TikTok)

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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