Tiffany Still Has the Strongest Brand Name in the Business

In 2012, Pandora, then in litigation against Chamilia, commissioned a survey measuring consumer awareness of jewelry brands. The pollster declared Tiffany “the strongest jewelry brand” in the United States.

For its litigation against Costco, Tiffany commissioned Jacob Jacoby Research to survey Costco shoppers. Once again, Audrey Hepburn’s favorite retailer came up on top. But there was a nice showing for two Signet brands, and Bulgari did well, too.

The survey asked: Which, if any, of the following jewelry stores or companies had you heard of? 

Percent answering yes:

Tiffany                  97.9

Kay                       94.7

Zales                     94.6

Cartier                   89.3

Bulgari                   77.7

Harry Winston         66.3

Maginot & Sons       29.5

The last name—Maginot & Sons—is fictitious (although the pollster adds, it’s also “familiar” and “French-sounding”). It was used to determine a possible error rate for the question.

In any case, someone grab that name! For a company that doesn’t exist, 29 percent is great brand awareness.

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