Throwback Thursday: Yesterday’s Yellow and Today’s Craving for Gold Jewelry

One year ago today, inspired by the 2012 Emmy Awards red carpet, I shared some exciting yellow jewels. It was a trending discussion after that year’s show—the color yellow, I mean—with celebs like Claire Danes, Julianne Moore, and Kaley Cuoco donning the cheerful, sunny color. That longing for yellow continues into this year (Pantone’s newly released Spring 2014 Color Report includes a rich golden shade called “Freesia”; check out our graphic here). But it isn’t only in our attire, or even our gemstones, that seem to be calling for yellow. It’s the gold. Sure, yellow gold is eternal, a mainstay in jewelry showcases and even our personal collections. Every once in while, though, the call for it is so strong that we put away our platinum and white gold, our sterling silver, and, dare I even say, rose gold, if only for a day because it’s cool to wear all yellow gold now. (Did you hear that, Mom? Cool, I say!) Now, I’m not dissing it by any means. I’m just noting that a few years ago, a younger generation would sneer at anything that wasn’t shiny, Tiffany & Co.-branded sterling. Now, thanks to a combination of fashion runways, celebrity red carpet appearances like Padma Lakshmi’s at this year’s Emmys, and um, Miley Cyrus (hey, those chains she’s rockin’ are gold!), yellow gold is where it’s at. Has it made it as far as increasing demand for yellow gold engagement rings? I’m not so sure about that. But one thing I do know: If we keep calling for more yellow in our fashion wardrobes, what pairs better with it than gold?

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KC Designs diamond arrow ring

KC Designs


Jade Trau halo Duet cuff bracelet

Jade Trau


BG Art Jewelry one-of-a-kind Kolos earrings

BG Art Jewelry


Alex Sepkus diamond Candy Dome ring

Alex Sepkus


Gemveto Gemlock icon station necklace



Ivanka Trump small Aberdeen diamond pendant

Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry


Stuller Arabesque drop earrings



Denise James Sunshine diamond pendant

Denise James Jewelry


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