Throwback Thursday: The Collar Necklace Is Still Here

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post highlightling the trends from last fall and opining on whether or not I thought they were still relevant. One of them was the collar necklace. I decidedly stated that no, its popularity was not still going strong, having faded in favor of the long, layerable strands and petite pendants. Turns out, I was wrong. (I can’t believe I’m actually putting those words in writing, but there you have it!) According to my comrades on Twitter, the collar necklace is, in fact, still in fashion. After all, there is room for more than one trend to adorn our necks. While I do still think that the shorter look has been slightly overshadowed by the new looks in layers, it’s definitely not saying goodbye, at least this season. Giving it a second glance, I can see why consumers are still raving over the collar, especially when they look anything like the ones highlighted below—some of our newest additions. And let’s be honest, when are clusters of precious gemstones and diamonds really ever out of favor? Never. Never, ever.

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EZO Paon collection multicolor gemstone collar



Nelson Jewellery ruby and diamond collar necklace
Nelson Jewellery



Mastoloni Pearls Deco seven-strand pearl necklace
Mastoloni Pearls


Sonette Isabella Langlois Satin d'Acier diamond collar
Isabelle Langlois


ENZO green tourmaline and diamond collar necklace

See my original post on collar necklaces from one year ago today here.

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