Throwback Thursday: Are Last Year’s Big Fall Jewelry Trends Still Going Strong?

We love jewelry because it’s timeless. It’s there to remind us of special times. It always fits. On the other hand, we love jewelry because it’s trendy. There’s always a new look to explore, a new way to express ourselves. This fall, we’ll be piling it on, in stacks of rings and bracelets, layers of necklaces, and in the form of ear cuffs and striking statement pieces. These are the trends that define 2013—or at least as I see it, from street style shots, fashion editorials, and red carpets. They’re called trends for a reason; we watch them come in an out of favor with consumers, often resurfacing at some point down fashion’s long and winding road. So I wanted to take a look back at some of last year’s posts from On Your Market, the ones that highlighted fall’s big jewelry trends from 2012. It’s interesting to me, to see how those stack up against this year’s looks. Do they still reign supreme, or has another color, style, or way to wear it taken over? Here are six of my favorites from last year, with some commentary from my friends in the Twitter community. Please do let me know what you think in the comments. Will these trends continue into 2013/2014?


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ABC Gems
ABC Gems

Pantone’s announcement of its Color of the Year for 2013 sparked a huge boost in the demand for the regal green, not that the precious gemstone wasn’t always in demand. We saw it everywhere, from gracing celebrities on the red carpet to home goods and designer duds. While emerald as a gemstone will always be in favor, Pantone gave it a boost last fall that I think has subsided a bit (but again, no one is ever really keeping emerald down). We’ll have to wait for the announcement of 2014’s Color of the Year in October to see what’s next.

Here’s what Twitter had to say:


Art Deco
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99 Jewelry Deco-style fan earrings
99 Jewelry Trading

Another jewelry style that is timeless, but was given that extra boost, both due to the fashion industry’s embrace and the long-awaited release of The Great Gatsby in theaters—at first supposed to be last winter but delayed until May. Do I think it will ever not be relevant? Of course not. I do, however, think the excitement has settled just a bit, at least in relation to the Gatsby craze.

Twitter seems to agree:



Read the post from Aug. 2012

KIR Indian ruby cocktail ring

Wine is fine, and I’m still in love with the deep, dark red, but some lighter hues are on the horizon for fall—pink, in particular. Read about five of my favorite fall 2013 color combinations here.

Here are the colors the Twitter universe is expecting:



Read the post from August 2012

Nada G leather wrap bracelets
Nada G

Frankly, I don’t think leather will ever not be popular in the cooler months. If it weren’t so darn hot, I’d be clamoring for leather tops and skirts right now. This year, leather jewelry (particularly bracelets), will still have its spotlight, though I think you’re more likely to find the pieces in a stack. Leather wrap bracelets won’t be worn alone, but in a group of two or three, or mixed with bangles and other petite pieces, coming together for a cooler-than-cool statement look.

I had to include this gem from Twitter. Let’s just say leather has its place, but it’s not in dressing for comfort:



The Collar Necklace
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Beaudry diamond collar necklace
Beaudry International

I don’t think we’d say no to a collar covered with diamonds, but the style seems to be out, in a favor of long, layer-able strands, backlaces, and petite pendants.

If my Twitter feed is any indication, I may be on my own with this opinion:


Geometric Jewels
Read the post from September 2012

Kara Ross triple Geo Arrow earringsKara Ross NY

Geometry is still schooling us in jewelry design, but what started out as light, brightly colored looks last year have morphed into something a bit more rebellious: darkened metals, spike accents, and anything that you can think of that would have found a home on the 2013 Met Gala punk-inspired red carpet.


What is your favorite jewelry look for fall 2013, be it timeless or trendy?

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