This Star Motif Is Bursting Onto the Scene (So You Need These Jewels)

I love starbursts—the shape, not the candy. It’s my absolute favorite look in jewelry, and I think its radiating lines have one of the greatest impacts, especially when covered in diamonds or a luminescent gem like opal. So when the models strolled the runway at Zuhair Murad’s fall 2015 Couture show, positively covered in the heavenly motif, I felt such excitement! My favorite shape is, literally, the star of Couture week! Pair that with the brooches that adorned nearly all of the fashions of the Fausto Puglisi Resort 2016 collection pictured below (a little more on the sunburst side, but I’m still celebrating), and we’ve hit the celestial jackpot.


Rahaminov Diamonds Malibu 18 oval diamond starburst ring

Rahaminov Diamonds



Shay starburst ear climber


Now, I realize that stars are nothing new in jewelry; you could find looks like these in a number of antique and vintage jewels, and designers are knocking it out of the park with their takes on the starburst at present. I’d seek out designs with this motif either way, but the great thing about it “trending” means that the demand is there, and so we can expect more and more companies to provide a wider range of options. And I say bring it on, because too much is never enough! More, more!

Veronique Idea Corp. starburst double drop earrings

Veronique Idea Corp.



Blackbird and the Snow Celestial Star moonstone and diamond necklace

Blackbird and the Snow


The motif lends itself really nicely to brooches, too, so I think we could really benefit from seeing a rise in demand for those. P.S.: If you need some brooch inspiration, check out Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad—she’s young, gorgeous, and has a way of making a denim jacket decorated in pins and brooches look absolutely killer. She’s one of the (maybe even the) highest-paid fashion bloggers in the world, so if she can’t bring the brooch back, I’m not sure who can.

Oscar Heyman platinum star sapphire and diamond earrings

Oscar Heyman

Andrea Candela tiered blue topaz starburst earrings

Andrea Candela

Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to suns, moons, and stars, for more sky-high inspiration.

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