This Smartwatch Was Made to Stop Time

If a watch can tell time, it can also stop it—allowing users to create memorable, time-stamped moments in their lives.

That’s the idea behind the Monograph Watch, a smartwatch currently raising capital on Kickstarter.

The original idea, says the Kickstarter page, came from well-known Japanese art director Masashi Kawamura, who wondered, what if a watch could have two sets of hands and a red button, and when something truly remarkable happens in the wearer’s life he could push the button and freeze time by stopping the extra set of hands forever to mark that moment?”

Four faces of the Monograph Watch

Here’s how it works: You sign up for an accompanying app and start wearing the watch. When a moment you want to capture happens, you hit a red button on the side of the bezel. The watch sends a signal to the app, which time-stamps that moment. Then you can go into your phone and personalize the moment with photos and notes.

The idea is to build a personal story that you can then share with friends and family. It’s not a social media network but shares content in a similar way. If someone is friends with you on Monograph, they can see your story and also (this is the neat part) add their moments to create a shared story.

The Monograph pocket watch

Cool idea, right?

The watches feature Swiss movement and were designed in Scandinavia, according to the Monograph’s Kickstarter page.

And they look pretty good, too.

The Classic watch model, which comes with a black or white face, features a stainless steel case. The Radar models feature a flat tire bezel, silicone strap, and colored stainless steel.

There’s also a dapper pocket-watch version available. Because, you know, the concept of stopping time can float a bit more design gravitas.

(All images courtesy of Monograph)

JCK Magazine Editor