This Ring Has More Diamonds Than Any Other

Savio Jewellery has an official Guinness World Record certification for the most diamonds set in one ring (pictured, at right)—3,827.

It all started when the company decided to make something exclusive. A company principal was leafing through a magazine and saw the Guinness World Record for the most diamonds in a ring—2,525 diamonds.

“We figured if we put our heart and soul into it we could break this record,” says Abhishek Sand, company partner. “We didn’t just want to break it by a little but by a lot. Guinness is an internationally recognized standard and it would set up apart.”

The ring was designed in a peacock shape in CAD, but it took seven different iterations before the company finally got it right.

“At first we were just putting diamonds on the body and one the shank,” Sand says. “And then we thought we could put the diamonds on the front and back.”

The final product was “crazy difficult” to produce, says Sand, noting the stones are all ideal cuts of VVS to VS clarity and EFG color, ranging from 0.003 cts. to 01 cts. Just finding them took three months.

The final weight: 16.05 cts.

From there, getting through to Guinness was another challenge.

“They have a 100-page form to fill out,” he says. “There are two witness statements. After six months, they never replied, then they told us all the mistakes we made in filing out the form. Then we wrote back and had to wait even longer.”

Finally, after three years of construction and talking with Guinness, the ring was certified and officially claimed the record in September.

Right now, the 18k gold ring is not for sale—but Sand says it may be in the future. Savio hopes to debut it at the 2016 JCK Las Vegas show in June.

(Photo courtesy of Savio Jewellery)

JCK News Director