This Is the Perfect Accessory for Gem Lovers

Gem-Water offers bottles of H2O containing “gempods” filled with crystals, from amethyst to diamonds

If you’re chronically dehydrated like I am, you need all the reminders you can get to fill up on water.

My favorite publicists, the crew at Los Angeles–based Luxury Brand Group, must have sensed this about me because a month ago, they told me about their newest client, Gem-Water, an authorized distributor of VitaJuwel, a company that makes wellness products including water bottles, wands, and decanters infused with gem crystals that are said to make the water more alkaline and therefore perfectly pH-balanced.


A selection of Gem-Water bottles and a Gem Droplet

Gem-infused water “has been around for hundreds of years,” Jan Eisen, son of VitaJuwel founder Ewald Eisen, told me when I swung by the Gem-Water booth at last month’s Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson. “What we do is a little more sophisticated—it’s like jewelry for your water.”

The Eisens, who hail from Germany, founded the business a decade ago. In 2013, Jan and his wife moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to promote the product in the United States. For the most part, they sold to high-end spas such as the Mandarin Oriental in New York City, the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain near Tucson.

That’s how Gem-Water owner Anjanette Dienne Sinesio, a jewelry industry veteran who most recently managed the Todd Reed location in Venice, Calif. (which closed in September), discovered the product. Last summer, she stumbled upon VitaJuwel at a wellness center in Santa Monica, Calif., and immediately signed on as a distributor.

When I returned from Tucson, my very own VitaJuwel ViA bottle was waiting for me. Mine contained a “gempod” filled with tumbled emerald and clear quartz crystals (for regeneration and vitality, according to the label), but there are 17 additional combinations, including rose quartz and amethyst (for wellness), lapis lazuli and rutilated quartz (for inspiration), and even one brimming with diamond slivers (for, well, diamonds!).


The Gem-Water Beauty bottle contains amethyst, aventurine, and rose quartz.

I’m still not sure how to prove the health benefits of drinking gem water, but I do know that the lead-free glass bottle looks gorgeous on my desk, and does seem to be helping me stay hydrated.

“It’s all about the vibrations of the stones,” Jan explained. “It’s a little like homeopathy. What makes it interesting for jewelers is it’s a door opener.”

Plenty of jewelers seem to agree. Gem-Water products have been picked up by a slew of top-notch retailers, including New York City’s London Jewelers, Ylang Ylang in St. Louis, and M. Flynn Jewelry in Boston. The bottles retail from $78 to $340, the replacement pods retail from $64 to $168, and handblown glass vials designed to be used in water pitchers or wine decanters retail from $84 to $354. A pocket-size gem droplet containing a mix of quartz, garnet, and amethyst retails for $60.


The $60 Gem Droplet contains quartz, garnet, and amethyst.

Happy hydrating!12

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