Thinking Pink in 2014 With These Top 10 Engagement Rings

We sure love bridal jewelry, don’t we? For retailers, no category is more vital to a store’s lineup. Most brides dream of slipping on the perfect engagement ring from the moment they meet “the one” (and even before that). And it’s just so exciting to experience the range of designs that are out there, from classic to crazy and everywhere in between. My personal favorites are timeless with a twist, like the solitaires that are detailed with ornamentation that make them stand apart. But if this group is any indication, pink still holds the crown as hottest trend in bridal jewelry. You’ve got your fair share of sparkling classics, true, but many of these rings glitter with pink-diamond accents and rose-gold detail, with one ring in all rose gold, and another—my favorite—in all rose gold with pink diamonds. So, if the most popular pieces from JCK Marketplace this year are any indication, I think you could definitely lean toward stocking more of the blushing variety for 2015. Retailers, I would love to hear how you’re selling rose-gold and pink-stone rings. Email me!

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Natalie K for Forevermark cushion halo diamond engagement ring

Natalie K for Forevermark



Jack Kelege pink halo oval diamond engagement ring

Jack Kelége



Natalie K rose gold pink halo diamond halo ring

Natalie K




Lashbrook ladies' camo engagement ring





Kirk Kara Stella diamond engagement ring

Kirk Kara

Uneek platinum cushion-cut diamond ring

Uneek Fine Jewelry

Venetti rose gold halo diamond engagement ring


Natalie K Le Rose pink diamond halo ring

Natalie K

Natalie K daimond studded scrollwork three stone diamond engagement ring

Natalie K

Kirk Kara sapphire accent Dahlia engagement ring

Kirk Kara