Thieves got less than expected

A pair of jewelry thieves got less than they bargained for after swiping some wedding rings from a suburban Kansas City jewelry store, KMBC reports.

Police said store video clearly shows a man and woman working together to steal the goods, the Kansas City-based television news operation reports.

The female robber distracted a store clerk at Charlotte and Tipit Jewelry in the Oak Park Mall on Tuesday, June 24, while her male companion swiped what appeared to be diamond rings. However, Tammy Scaramucci, who manages the store, told KMBC that the rings were actually made of cubic zirconia.

While the rings weren’t as valuable as the robbers probably hoped, they were still worth about $2,600 because of their white gold bands, KMBC reports. Scaramucci said the store will prosecute the thieves when police catch them.

Overland Park police believe the man and woman are skilled scammers. Anyone with information about the crime should call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.