These brooches are roaches

A Salt Lake City fashion designer has created jewelry that crawls on your skin as it makes your skin crawl.

Jared Gold creates and sells crystal studded brooches made from living Madagascar hissing cockroaches, a local television news station reports. They are available at his Black Chandelier store in the Trolley Square mall.

Gold says his company buys the insects from a breeder in Los Angeles and a co-worker sticks the crystals to the back of every bug in a process that the designer won’t reveal, according to ABC 4 in Salt Lake City. Each style is unique.

They cost $40 each and Gold told the station they’re sell well. He said he has been selling the jewelry roaches since October, with. The Christmas holidays being his best selling time.

Gold also told the station that animal rights activists have no problem with his creations.

“To PETA, it’s just a bug, they’re vermin really and we just kind give them a new texture,” he reportedly said. “What we do to them in no way injures them or harms them. They live very great lives eating really good food and riding around on fabulous people.”

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