These 7 Engagement Rings From Natalie K Embody Modern Romance

I really admire engagement rings in all shapes, colors, and designs (it is refreshing to see something new), but nothing says classic romance like a diamond. It’s evident in your favorite wedding-themed movies: My Best Friend’s Wedding, Father of the Bride, even The Hangover and Twilight series, for that matter, sparkle with a diamond engagement ring in at least one scene. So with diamond month in full swing and eager engagement shoppers at the ready, it’s vital that your bridal showcases are stocked with a variety of ring styles, ranging from vintage to classic to contemporary and everything in between. Meet Natalie K, a bridal brand that’s definitely got the modern-classic look covered.  “Natalie K has been at the cutting edge of bridal design for over 10 years,” says Linda Garrido, VP of marketing for Natalie K. “We seek to provide bridal styles for all modern women with our new collections. Our new collections represent a range of styles and designs that rival most other bridal designers. Most of all, we believe in true love and that comes through in every one of our rings.” See for yourself: Seven standouts from Natalie K’s new collection.

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Natalie K 3-stone diamond engagement ring

Natalie K graduated diamond engagement ring


Natalie K round and pear diamond engagement ring


Natalie K Asscher-cut yellow diamond engagement ring


Natalie K prong and bezel diamond engagement ring


Natalie K round diamond halo engagement ring


Natalie K spaced diamond halo engagement ring


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