There Is a Diamond in a Field in England, and It Could Be Yours

Courtesy 77 Diamonds

In a spectacular marketing stunt, London-based retailer 77 Diamonds sent a diamond into space and now invites the public to try to find where it fell back to Earth.

The 1.14 ct. cushion-cut stone is worth approximately $20,000 and was launched into space with a helium balloon. The balloon was in the air for 150 minutes and reached an altitude of 100,000 feet before it popped, releasing the diamond back to Earth.

The company outfitted the balloon with a GPS tracker and has shared that it fell to earth within five miles of the English village of Lea in Lincolnshire. Whoever finds the package may keep it—and the stone inside it.

“We are very excited about the launch,” Tobias Kormind, cofounder of 77 Diamonds, said in a statement. “What better way to raise awareness of our virtual universe than by actually making it a reality and putting a diamond in the sky for the first time ever. “

The virtual universe he refers to is “Diamonds in the Sky,” an interactive site where visitors are invited to create and name stars for themselves or loved ones. “77 Diamonds has a long history of helping people to find the perfect diamond for an extra-special event in their lives. With Diamonds in the Sky, we wanted to explore the parallels between diamonds and stars in an imaginative and engaging way,” he said.

The diamond was launched into the sky on August 7 from a field in Derbyshire. The company shared that it touched on the ground in near Lea, some 60 miles away, just three hours later. The company has promised an announcement once the diamond has been claimed; follow the story on their Twitter feed: @77Diamonds

Courtesy 77 Diamonds

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