The (Yellow) Gold Rush: What’s New in Engagement Rings

Sholdt Beehive diamond engagement ring


I feel confident saying that white metals will never be surpassed in popularity where engagement rings are concerned. Platinum in particular is strong, long-lasting, and beautiful, and allows those diamonds to sparkle in their best light. Although a majority of brides may opt to go in the direction of platinum or white gold, other combinations are proving to steal the hearts of many. Most recently, the pairing of white and rose gold was on the rise. At this year’s JCK Las Vegas, I saw more and more rings wholly in rose gold, with many designers and manufacturers saying that the two-tone was a gateway, clearing the path for a higher demand in the rosy looks. Now, in what feels like in the blink of an eye, fast-moving jewelry brands are answering the call for another demand: yellow gold.

Frederic Sage Gold Twist engagement ring

Frederic Sage

It’s nothing new. The seventies and eighties saw a rise in yellow gold, and most of my generation’s parents sported yellow-gold bands and engagement rings—if they hadn’t reset them for an anniversary or remarried. But now, what’s old is new again, if we’re talking rising trends, and an influx of yellow gold in bridal is here. It’s better than ever: What I would consider stale (blame it on my generation) and even a little harsh on the center diamond in the past, now appears elegant, glowing, refreshing.

Tacori Gold diamond engagement ring

Tacori Classic Crescent gold engagement ring

Both rings, Tacori

The latest collection from Tacori reimagines many of its classics in yellow gold, and it is, in my opinion, one of the best examples of yellow gold done right. It’s beautiful, delicate, and doesn’t overshadow the center stone with yellowy reflections. It looks natural, timeless, and is a piece the wearer won’t soon tire of and wish she had opted for a white metal instead.

Frank Reubel Designs four-prong diamond engagement ring

Frank Reubel Designs

Even I wince a bit when using the word trend where bridal is concerned, but there’s no denying that the demand for certain styles comes and goes with obvious results, no matter that an engagement ring is meant to be timeless and loved for a lifetime. If done right, the wearer will cherish it regardless, even if it’s not the current “it” look. Many of us—not all—get this once. Never mind the redesigns, resets, or five future marriages. Time will tell how long the gold rush lasts, but while it does, I plan to enjoy the show.

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