The Whole Enchilada

by Caroline Stanley

Perhaps the fact that we’re having enchiladas tonight for dinner has given me food for thought!

As a current jewelry buyer and as a former jewelry retailer, I don’t usually think too much about my jewelry wardrobe as a whole — the whole enchilada, so to speak. I generally find a piece I like and THEN figure out how it fits in my wardrobe, or IF it fits. If it doesn’t, I’ll likely buy it anyway and figure out how to make it work. Often, it involves buying another piece. :)

I don’t think I’m alone in this.

Sure, there are the people that are looking for a piece to complete a certain look. For the impulse buyers, though, that approach doesn’t usually work. Especially if we don’t “need” any jewelry.

My point?

That a bit of extra time spent with your customer discussing:

        1) how she plans to wear a piece
        2) what else it matches (or not!)
        3) how it fits into her jewelry wardrobe
        4) what she’d like to buy next

would be time well spent and may well turn into a planning session for future purchases. Some of you do this already — smart. For those of you who haven’t taken this approach, give it a shot. Greater sales surely await you.