The Very Charming Hoop Earring

Hoop earrings are back—not that they ever really left—and we’ve been shouting it from the rooftops (er, the website) of JCK for some time now (see Emili Vesilind’s Trend File from last week, to start). For the most daring, there is the extra, extra large hoop: The kind that, while I find a pretty cool look, I can’t help but expect that I would get them caught on things/painfully pulled out in the most ungraceful situation possible. So while the mega-sized styles clearly won’t be for everyone, there is another variation on the hoop earring that takes it from every day to something a bit more: The addition of a charm (or charm-like element). An adornment or embellishment that simply moves freely along the shape of the hoop, maybe it swings with reckless abandon, though perhaps it sits snugly in bead form; maybe it’s removable, maybe not (doesn’t really matter to qualify, in this case). First, consider the following finds, with which I have a serious style crush on—each and every one. Second, this is also an opportunity, if it applies, to get a little creative with your showcase display: Have a selection of charms you’re trying to move? Pair them with some ordinary hoops and give the look a go. Obviously I can’t say whether or not the finished result will be quite as cohesively lovely as these styles I present, but there is a certain element of working with your already-stocked selection (shopping your own closet, as they say), that can be appreciated. Still, you won’t want to miss making these a part of your display.

Suzy Landa spinning gemstone hoop earrings | JCK On Your Market

Spinning gemstone hoop earrings in 18k yellow gold with aquamarine and diamonds, price on request; Suzy Landa

Catherine Weitzman peridot bead hoop earrings | JCK On Your Market

Beaded hoop earrings in 18k gold vermeil with peridot, $120; Catherine Weitzman

Drukker peridot drop earrings | JCK On Your Market

Hoop and charm drop earrings in sterling silver with peridot, $137; Drukker

Nina Nguyen Adorn earring charms | JCK On Your Market

Adorn earring charms in 14k yellow gold with champagne diamonds, $500 (hoops sold separately, $150); Nina Nguyen

Suzy Landa peridot spinning gemstone hoop earrings | JCK On Your Market

Spinning gemstone hoop earrings in 18k yellow gold with peridot and diamonds, price on request; Suzy Landa




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