The Story Behind the 14k Gold-Plated KFC Chicken Bone Necklace

Kentucky for Kentucky

Chicken bone necklace by Meg C

Kentucky for Kentucky, the online store aiming to “engage and inform the world by promoting Kentucky people, places, and products,” is selling 20 gold-plated chicken bone necklaces created by jewelry designer Meg C. 

The necklaces are the third project Meg C, who also owns the Lexington, Ky., boutique Meg C Jewelry Gallery, has done for Kentucky for Kentucky. “I love their site and their cause but felt their site was lacking the necessary product—jewelry!” the designer told JCK. So last winter I pitched a Kentucky state necklace to them, which they loved and ordered immediately. We did two runs of it, since they sold the first 50 within 10 minutes and the second batch of 100 within a few hours. Then after a run of horse head earrings for the derby, I became their go-to jeweler.”

The chicken bone jewelry was a special request from the team at Kentucky for Kentucky. “They wanted gold chicken bone jewelry. My initial reaction was, okay, I’ll mold a bone and cast pieces. But they wanted each to be unique and the bones to be part of it. So after some research, and many awkward phone calls, I found that electroforming was my best option. I ordered the tools and got to work. It took some experimenting—and eating. I’ve never done this type of jewelry work before. It’s more of a science project then actual jewelry making, but it was a blast.” 

The necklaces, the first run of which went on sale at Kentuckyfor onFriday at 10 a.m., sell for $130 (small) and $160 (large). They have already made a splash, with write-ups in the Los Angeles Times and People. KFC even tweeted about them. 

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