The Sightholder Decoder, Part Two

The latest list of sightholders from Botswana includes all the companies that applied, a welcome change from what happened in Namibia, where 7 clients didn’t make the cut. (By the way, what happens to those people who built fancy factories, and now have nothing to supply them with?)


Here is a guide to some of the names you may not recognize:


Teemane – Diarough

Diamond Manufacturing Botswana – Star Diamond Group

H & A – Exelco

Ascot – Steinmetz


Also, DDA is DD Manufacturing, which means the Jacob the Jeweler thing apparently wasn’t lethal. And Tiffany got yet another sight, in partnership with Rand. 

Companies with both Namibia and Botswana sights: Steinmetz, Tiffany/Rand, Lazare Kaplan.  Again the full list is here.

I’ll comment on Chaim’s attack on the DMIA letter to the DTC a little later …

JCK News Director