The Petite Customer – Part 2 – Scale

Cynthia:  As we discussed last time, bracelets may present the biggest challenge for the petite customer. But there are factors of design that should be considered as well.
Caroline: And those are?
Cynthia: Scale — both the scale of the jewelry relative to the wearer, and the scale of the detail of the jewelry itself.
Caroline: Can you explain a bit more? I did find, in other areas, that my petite customers loved larger items. How does that fit in?
Cynthia: That has to do with the personality of the wearer and what she feels comfortable (or fabulous!) in. But I’d venture to guess that your petite customer who loved the huge onyx necklace didn’t also wear large earrings and bracelets at the same time, did she?
Caroline: Keeping in mind the time period (late 80’s), yeah, I’m pretty sure she had on big, ole’ earrings. Of course, she wouldn’t be wearing that today!
Cynthia: lol… ah yes, the 80’s… we’ll have to excuse her then!
Caroline: Yes, we all deserve a pass for that!! What do you recommend for a petite woman in terms of scale?
Cynthia: For the petite woman with a big personality, I recommend one large statement piece; any other pieces she wears should be fairly small. More than that and she starts looking like a Christmas tree, since, after all, there isn’t that much area to adorn. For a petite woman with a more reserved personality, jewelry of smaller scale is likely to suit her better.
Caroline: So, no tiaras?Unless that’s the only piece? LOL
Cynthia: Or unless she owns a small country!
Caroline: That seems fair. Good advice for petites and the retailers who serve them!
Cynthia: Whatever the overall scale of the pieces that the petite customer prefers, it’s good also to pay attention to the amount of detail in the jewelry itself. If the customer has tiny features… small mouth, nose and eyes… then jewelry with finer detail will be more attractive than something chunky in detail.
Caroline: I’ll bet that gemstones would work well. Gems of usual sizes would seem to suit a petite woman – they have the right “scale” you’re referring to.
Cynthia: That’s right – unless you’re talking about some of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels or the Crown Jewels of that small country I mentioned earlier! If you have a petite customer is attracted to a substantial necklace with large beads, for example, chances are she has large facial features… her eyes, nose or mouth are probably generous. Have you found this to be true?
Caroline: Mmmm, mostly but not entirely.
Cynthia: Mostly, meaning….?
Caroline: Mostly my petite customers had larger features. But not all of them.
Cynthia: We all tend to be attracted to items that relate to our own physical being in some way.  A large piece of jewelry can be designed with intricate detail in the metal work or the inclusion of gemstones that allow it to relate to a woman with small or average-sized features. Ultimately, it’s about suiting the woman — her features and her personality.
Caroline: I know that’s what all retailers want — happy customers who love their jewelry.
Cynthia: Absolutely!

Today’s Jewel
Take a bit of time and see what items in your inventory would work for a petite woman. Do you have a good selection? What could you improve and make your petite customers even happier — and make more sales?!

Consider a trunk show or special event just to work with this part of the market. Have some appropriate jewelry brought in, work with a local image consultant and work this part of your market! Your petite customers and the people who love them will appreciate it!

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