The New Jewelry Line Made Especially for Adults With Autism

Chewable necklaces and spinning rings at affordable prices

Self-stimulatory behavior, also known as stimming, is a common coping and calming mechanism for individuals with autism. Examples include repetitive movements (rocking, shaking, hand flapping) and repetitive sounds (humming, snapping).

One jewelry designer has created a line of jewelry made especially to aid stimming.

Cynthia Kim is autistic and wanted to create a line of products for other adults with autism. Her company, Stimtastic, features toys and jewelry designs for adults.

“So many businesses that serve the autistic community are either parent/child focused or have a pathologizing tone,” Kim told the Daily Dot. “My goal for Stimtastic and for the products we sell is to help adults and teens who stim feel not just comfortable but celebrated.”

Product categories include chewable jewelry, which is made of nontoxic, food-grade silicone, and fidget jewelry. An example of a fidget jewelry design: a stainless steel spinner ring (pictured) that features two bands, an inner ring that stays snug to your finger and an outer ring that can be fidgeted with and spun around. Most pieces are under $10.

(Photo courtesy of Stimtastic)

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