The Most Luxurious Ruby Jewels for Special July Birthdays

Gayubo ruby flower necklace


The ruby has an air of mystery to it, something of a forbidden gemstone, the way I see it. If any gemstone were to be dubbed scandalous, it would be the ruby. When I lived in the South, I learned—let’s called it an urban legend—that rubies were a gift often lavished upon the mistresses of wealthy Southern men. Who knows if there’s any actual truth to that, but it’s always stuck with me.

Omi Prive double halo ruby and diamond ring

Omi Privé


Ziva Jewels Art Deco style ruby and diamond bracelet

Ziva Jewels

There are even the Hollywood examples that put the ruby in this cloud of forbiddenness. There’s Pretty Woman, where one reach toward that ruby necklace sends the case closing on Julia Roberts’ hand. Aladdin, where one touch of that ruby sends the Cave of Wonders collapsing (animated still counts). The ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz are dangerous to say the least, since the Wicked Witch is determined to get her hands on them. Those are only three examples—there are definitely more.

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Andreoli 10 ct. Burmese ruby ring


Because of the deliciously scandalous, deeply passionate feel that the ruby exudes, it’s only fair that the gemstone gets its regal fitting—in the most luxurious of settings. We’re talking platinum, mega diamonds, the works. Ruby itself represents the ultimate version of luxe and  commands more than a diamond of similar weight and quality, and in many instances commands the highest prices of colored gemstones.

Akiva Gil heart-shape ruby platinum earrings

Akiva Gil Company

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Jack Abraham 7 ct. platinum ruby and diamond ring

Jack Abraham

It’s quite fitting that July’s birthstone is not only a wonderful gift to commemorate a special birthday, it’s also the gem for anniversaries 15 and 40—both important and deserving of a token as deeply enchanting as this. And given that the collection gathered here ranges between $22,000 and $680,000—not exactly lunch money—the time for customers to request a piece like this just may be that special birthday or big anniversary. Unless your customer is Beyoncé.

Nelson Jewellery ruby and diamond necklace

Nelson Jewellery

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