The (Latest) Changes at JCK

A lot of you have had questions about the JCK news announced this week, and since this blog is devoted to the news, I figured I’d try to explain it and share with you what I know …

JCK magazine and JCKonline were, until this week, a part of Reed Business Information. RBI is the trade magazine division of Reed Elsevier, which also has a show division called Reed Expo. The JCK Show is part of Reed Expo.

So for about the last ten years, the JCK Show and JCK magazine, while having the same overall owner, were different divisions, with different management. They worked together on some things, like the Industry Fund, but they were different entities, with different people in charge.

Reed Elsevier wants to divest itself of RBI, and is selling most of the RBI magazines (which includes Publishers Weekly, Interior Design, etc.). However, JCK will not be part of that sale. JCK is, after this announcement, part of Reed Expo. So now JCK magazine and the JCK Show will be under one umbrella. They will both be run by the people in charge of the JCK Show 

Now, this has led to even more questions: Will the magazine become more of a promotional vehicle for the shows? What will happen to JCK’s editorial independence?

With regards to the last two questions, let me just say they have been asked internally (many times). These are huge issues for editors. And the answer we always get is: It will be business as usual. JCK will maintain its independence and editorial integrity. And really, it wouldn’t be JCK without those things. The idea is to have the same magazine, just now together with the show. 

From a business point of view, this makes tons of sense. The response internally has been very positive, and we’re all hoping for the best going forward …

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