The Innovative Retailers of 2012

JCK‘s Innovative Retailer column spotlights jewelers who have a healthy disregard for conventional wisdom. Often, that means they’ve embraced technology. But not always. Some of our past profiles have focused on retailers who’ve brought back the lost art of letter-writing, or have a habit of making house calls. So while being tech-savvy is one way to innovate, we wouldn’t dream of limiting our standard of accomplishments to the digital realm.

Herewith, the 10 retailers who impressed us in 2012 with their broad understanding of what it means to be truly innovative:

Indiana’s Hoppe Jewelers Makes a Big Splash in a Small Pond

Devon Fine Jewelry: It’s the Hottest Ticket in Town

Jeweler M.C. Ginsberg Brings Biotechnology to the Bench

Brooklyn Jeweler Liloveve Puts the “Work” in Workshop

Online Retailer Edition01 on the Art of Accessories

Nialaya Owner Jannik Olander Brings Boho Beads to L.A. and Beyond

How Hildgund Jewelry CEO Bruce Bucky Taps Into the Hawaiian Tourist Trade

David Gardner’s Jewelers Shows Its Texas A&M Spirit

Is There a Jeweler in the House?

A Virginia Jeweler Builds Its Business on Dogs and Diamonds

Did you borrow any of these retailers’ tips during 2012? What innovations did you develop in your store?

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