The “I’m Married” Ring Leaves a Mark

The idea is simple: Get married, put a wedding band on your hand, be faithful, and live happily ever after. (That’s the idea, anyway.) Well, for those who may be tempted to stray, Colin Hart has an idea: Wear a wedding band that will leave a revealing mark on your finger when it’s removed.

The style is called the Anti-Cheating Ring, and features negative engraving on the inside that reads I’m Married; once the band is removed after lengthy wear, the message is visible to others.

Hart is the owner of online business, which sells a variety of what some might call downright offensive goods—a taxidermied piglet bank (the pigs died of natural causes, but it’s still creepy), hicky tattoos, and a variety of other clever but shocking merchandise that even leaves this South Park– and inappropriate-joke–loving journo kind of speechless.

Anyway, while this ring probably won’t physically halt any improprieties from being committed, it should at least make the parties involved feel really guilty should a transgression occur.

Hart tells JCK in an email interview that he designed the copyrighted ring with a few naughty men in mind, including former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, and former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

“I was also choosing a ring that week so I came up with this idea for my wedding ring,” he says.

His company, with headquarters in Dublin and Vancouver, Canada, started selling the SKU within the past 10 months; so far, Hart says that he’s sold “14 rings and counting,” and does offer them for resale. See the cheeky product description below.

With Arnold, Tiger and two timing IMF guy in mind, we have created this wedding ring for people intent on cheating. The negative engraving on the inside means that when you are in the ‘Club’ and an attractive woman…or man comes along to chat, slipping your wedding ring off is not an option. The mark left on your skin says…’I’m Married’

Cost $550
Material: Made of strengthened Titanium. Life time guarantee, ‘til death and all that.

Anti-Cheating Wedding Band by

Anti-Cheating Ring in titanium; $550;

Anti-Cheating Wedding Band by

Anti-Cheating Wedding Band by

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