The Golden Globes 2011: Jewelry Styling Highlights

elegance and sophistication of the gowns and the jewels at the 68th Annual
Golden Globe Awards broadcast last Sunday will no doubt inspire many a
fashion-savvy individual. White diamonds and dresses covered with sparkling
sequins or crystals were favored, as can be expected for a high-profile awards
show, but they were not ubiquitous. Here are the big-picture jewelry trends I

  • Necklaces
    are trending back into the spotlight, typically and appropriately accompanied
    by smaller, often stud earrings, that complement rather than compete.
  • Bracelets,
    singly and in multiples, still had significant presence but bracelets may be
    starting to recede from their recent dominance of the spotlight, particularly
    in light of the style of dresses seen on fashion icons Angelina Jolie and Anne
    Hathaway, both of whom wore long sleeves.
  • Earrings
    of a wide range of styles dazzled. 
    When earrings were omitted, almost without exception the ensembles
    looked somehow unfinished.
  • Rings,
    brooches and jeweled hair clips added punctuation marks of glamour to select

best looks presented a cohesive styling from head to toe. Unquestionably, there
is a lot to consider in putting together an image that will receive so much scrutiny
—  dress, hair, makeup, jewelry,
bag and shoes all need to work together. What is disappointing to me is how
often the jewelry, even if dazzlingly expensive, looked like an afterthought,
bearing no stylistic relation to the dress or the woman wearing it. The best
overall looks result when celebrities wear cohesive looks that incorporate
jewelry designs that relate to the dress and flatter the woman wearing

are my choices for standout jewelry stylings of the evening:

dramatic green Monique Lhuillier full-skirted gown teamed with Van Cleef &
Arpels “Eliza” diamond drop earrings to highlight the statuesque beauty of
Catherine Zeta-Jones. The marquise-shaped center stones that defined the top
portion of the earrings related visually to the features of her face, mirroring
the arch of her eyebrows and the shape of her eyes and mouth, and the layered
diamonds were reminiscent of the gathers of the skirt of her dress.

stunning in green was Elisabeth Moss, wearing a gown by Donna Karan,
accompanied by an emerald ring and elaborate drop earrings by Lorraine
Schwartz. The nested loops consisting of what appear to be pearls in the
earrings were reminiscent of the intricate folds of the bodice of the dress.
The curved design of the earrings repeated the curve of her jawline as well.
The earrings were perfection in the way they related to both the woman and the

jewelry choices of these actresses are not fungible. Catherine Zeta-Jones is a
dramatic beauty, flattered by the formality of a ball gown and the dazzle of
elaborate diamond earrings. Elisabeth Moss has a softer, more approachable
beauty, flattered by the gentle drape and delicate details of her earrings and
dress. Their jewelry choices were inspired.

best use of color in jewelry at the Golden Globes, my choice is Kyra Sedgwick
in a draped marigold yellow-orange Emilio Pucci gown set off by turquoise and
gold earrings, creating color complements that flattered her warm coloring. I
love the repetition of just a touch of turquoise in her stack of yellow gold
bracelets. Turquoise set in silver is such a popular combination that it is
refreshing to be reminded of the beauty of the stone when set in yellow gold.

up – the SAG Awards on January 30 – another opportunity to be dazzled and inspired.

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