The Forevermark Goes to Jared

When googling the Forevermark the other day, I was surprised to see sponsored ads from Jared.


A further inquiry revealed that Jared is now selling the De Beers brand at its stores—on a limited basis—though not apparently on its site, despite the ad. 

“As part of our test-before-we-invest strategy, Forevermark is in test stage in a relatively small number of Jared stores,” says spokesman David Bouffard.

Jared is a huge name, though it’s not the first chain store to sell the brand—Ben Bridge does as well.

If the jewelry “superstore” continues to stock the Forevermark, it will be worth watching to see how that will work if parent company Signet becomes a sightholder.

The Forevermark’s PR reps did not have a comment at press time. And Jared’s Google ad for Forevermark seems to have disappeared today.

JCK News Director