The Force Is Strong With Garavelli’s ‘Star Wars’ Pendant

It’s finally here. After an eternity of commercials and just general inundation of Star Wars mania, the film is getting its long-awaited release today. I really can’t stand going to the movie theater, but I just have to see this one. It won’t be on opening day, probably not even opening week, but it’ll happen…eventually. For now, Garavelli’s aptly named Star Wars pendant will hold me over. The piece is no effort to jump on the bandwagon; I first encountered it at JCK Las Vegas in May, when murmurs of the pending film were heard, sure, but long before the force was strong in every. single. ad. For the sophisticated fan who wants to convey their obsession in an under-the-radar sort of way, Garavelli’s pendant is Star Wars lite. The influence is there for those who seek it, but it isn’t an obvious representation of the movies. For the person who has no idea what a Wookiee or R2-D2 is, this is simply a beautiful, fun pendant, with the Italian design Garavelli excels at. In it, I see a snowflake with a futuristic twist. But if you let loose your imagination, it also vaguely resembles a number of beloved characters from the movies (anyone else get like a steampunk version of C-3PO?) However you see it, fan or not, this is the jewel you’re looking for.


Garavelli Star Wars pendant | JCK On Your Market

Star Wars pendant in 18k rose gold with 1.57 cts. t.w. brown diamonds by Garavelli, $5,920



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