The Customer Journey

Once there were a few TV channels. Then there was cable television.

Once there was dial-up Internet. Then there were Wi-Fi, smartphones, and social media. Suddenly, we are all connected, with 24/7 access to the information galaxy. Within one generation, we’ve become exposed to every possible idea and product choice, in every aspect of our lives. There is no escape.

Yet here lies the irony: All these possibilities have made life infinitely more complex—and there is a body of scientific research that shows how more options actually lead to a reduced sense of happiness. Translated to the retail world, the complexity of options creates confusion, wariness, and indecision. Applied to the diamond jewelry industry, where high price tag meets high emotion, it is clear we are faced with an urgent challenge: how to create purpose and meaning in the purchase process. And even more importantly, how to connect to the individual customer in order to build the trust that leads to sales.

In professional marketing, there is a concept that helps to weave the customer experience (CX) into an orderly, user-friendly pattern. It’s called the customer journey. Every brand or business provides a journey for customers (whether they realize it or not!). It should incorporate a range of sales strategies and techniques, integrated with purpose-built technologies for the diamond retail arena. In the world of diamond jewelry, no less than any other retail sector, the time to define, develop, and deepen the customer journey is now. With three decades of experience in the global diamond trade, Sarine Technologies is disrupting traditional approaches to diamond selling with advanced, accurate tools designed to enhance the customer journey. —Tzafrir Engelhard, VP business development, Sarine Technologies


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