The Craziest Piece of Jewelry at the AGTA Spectrum Awards Was…

Every year, there’s always at least one—usually more than one—piece of jewelry that makes the editors on preview day scratch their heads and wonder what the motivation was in making it. This year, the standout in this category for me was a carved cat head bracelet which was beautifully made, but curious-looking because of a sextuplet of piercing black humanish cat eyes frozen in a terrifying Medusa-like death stare. It sort of scared me! The cat head charms are removable, but I’d be afraid that if I did, that cat heads would follow me, popping up in a horror-flick-like way (remember the clown from Poltergeist?) even when carefully tucked in away in a jewelry box. Sure, this is a ridiculous suggestion, but there’s no denying that this cat head bracelet is creepy, right? What do you think? Would you wear it?


The Black Cats of Riga, Latvia bracelet in 18k yellow gold with carved cats made of onyx, obsidian, mahogany, and jasper with pink sapphire, citrine, and diamond accents by Diane Griswold Johnston of The Lapis Tree

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