The Blues: 12 Jewels in December’s (3!) Birthstones

Although the traditional birthstone for December is (or was originally) turquoise, we’ve had a few additions over the years. And if those born in the 12th month are a fan of blue, boy, are they in luck. With turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite in their roster, is there any better month in which to be born than December?

Thistle Bee turquoise Quatrefoil band

Thistle & Bee



Loretta Castoro KissMe turquoise ring

Loretta Castoro



SNS Jewelry Studio turquoise Shark Tooth ring

SNS Jewelry Studio

Turquoise is one of those stones that evokes such wonderful thoughts: warm weather, summertime, peace. And, as we continue to obsess over Southwest-inspired fashions—there’s another reason to love the stone this time of year—I have a feeling the trend will power through much of 2015. 


Stephanie Kantis turquoise Russet drop earrings

Stephanie Kantis


Laura Gibson copper turquoise drop earrings

Laura Gibson


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Charming Silver turquoise chain dangle earrings

Charming Silver



Yael Designs blue zircon Dragon ring

Yael Designs

Although zircon comes in a variety of sensational colors, my first encounter was with a blue stone, so I can’t help but associate it with that color. I recall rich, deep hues, somewhere between a sapphire’s navy and the electric hue of a blue topaz. Truly sensational. If forced to pick a favorite between these three stones, I’d be pressed to say zircon, but then again, there’s the tanzanite. Oh, what a hard decision December babies have. When in doubt, go with all three, right?

Omi Prive blue zircon twist ring

Omi Privé



Alberto Collections 74 carat tanzanite pendant

Alberto Collections

Is there any stone more beautiful than tanzanite? I suppose it depends on whom you ask, but it’s tough to deny the allure of this incredible gemstone. Is it blue, purple, or both? The stunning gem has starred in countless numbers of memorable designs, and it’s guaranteed to take center stage in many more. It’s not exactly for those shopping on a budget, in most cases, but so, so worth the splurge (if you ask me, which you did, right?).

Gem Trends tanzanite slice triple drop earrings




Omi Prive triple shank tanzanite ring

Omi Privé



Gumuchian Tokapi tassel tanzanite earrings


So happy birthday to all December babies. I’m sure you won’t find it too hard to convince your shoppers born this month, or for those gifting this month, to scoop up jewels like these. If variety is indeed the spice of life, those particular shoppers have the most flavorful ingredients!

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