The Artful Subtlety of Marcin Zaremski

If I ever make it to Poland—my grandmother would be proud—I’ll make a beeline right for Marcin Zaremski’s shop in Warsaw. The Polish jeweler’s remarkable silver silhouettes are ones I cannot resist. Born from a family of creators, where jewelry-as-art is second nature, Zaremski delivers the most exquisite designs—ones that feel like much more than mere adornment. The pieces aren’t terribly complicated, but that’s what makes them so great: It takes a very special kind of skill to craft something that speaks volumes without shouting. Every subtle curve—every texture, shape, and choice of metal—is carefully considered, making each jewel so special. The hardest part is, choosing which one to make yours.


All pieces made in sterling silver, some with gold plating or oxidized silver, prices on request