The Art of Performance

Selling luxury to jewelry customers
is all about the customers’ in store experiences. The store’s cachet must be
based on recognizable features and quality that confer prestige to shoppers.
Today’s highly educated experiential shoppers long for shopping experiences
where their sensitivity to sensual experiences are manifested through a store’s
approach to luxury.  Today’s interior
layouts and jewelry displays must be so visually compelling that jewelry
shopper’s perceptions of time are slowed down and at the same time their
intensity and commitment to focus and imagine the possibilities are all
ratcheted up.Jewelry stores need to focus on the shopping experience through
innovative store design. The customer experience is dependent on place-making
through good design. Store exteriors and window displays must entice shoppers
to enter stores. Once inside the store, displays must be situated to
immediately engage shoppers. Illumination must create drama by highlighting
displays and luring shoppers throughout the store. Retailers must continue to
take advantage of new lighting technology to enhance both interior and exterior
visual interest. Jewelers need to view their store’s interior as a means for
gaining more control of their future destiny and brand identity.

Jewelry is one basis upon which
women and men express their personalities and build upon their sense of
identity. Meeting the needs of the sophisticated jewelry customer by presenting
an inspiring boutique environment establishes an important precedence for fine
jewelry stores. The art of performance couples impeccable service with an
outstanding sensual shopping experience.  
The expertise of jewelry salespeople must be as skillful as the
artisans’ work they represent. There is an art to purposeful conversation that
all outstanding sales associates possess. 
Exceptionally professional jewelry salespeople put customers in direct
contact with jewelry through compelling product demonstrations. Sales
presentations have a natural outcome of converting shoppers into loyal

The art of performance is about
creating a experiential shopping experience that is as luxurious as the jewelry
itself while leveraging the brand through heightened sales probability and
increased customer transactions.  There
is no exact science to fall back on in retailing. Just as medical doctors
practice the art of medicine, jewelry marketers need to examine and diagnosis
and prescribe outstanding luxury shopping experiences for prospective and
repeat customers.  The art of performance
is about creating and delivering luxury in store experiences.

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