The Anti-Aging Effect of a Beautiful Ring

Many of us learned in high school science class that one can determine something of the age of a tree by inspecting and counting its rings. To vastly oversimplify the scientific principles of dendrochronology, the more rings, the older the tree. According to the April 2010 issue of Allure magazine, however, one can reduce the appearance of one’s age by adding a ring.

In the article “25 Ways to Look Younger – INSTANTLY,” author Amy Keller Laird includes this suggestion, Tip #16: “Wear nail polish or a ring-researchers have found that doing so makes your hands look younger.”


If wearing a ring makes one look younger, that’s a great reason to find the perfect right-hand ring to wear as a signature piece every day, or perhaps to expand one’s collection of rings so that there’s a ring to complement every ensemble in one’s wardrobe. Certainly wearing a ring gives one a more polished appearance than going without.

Moreover, as many a new fiancée has learned, acquiring a new ring may cause a woman to pay attention to her manicure as never before. Add polishing the nails to one’s beauty routine in addition to wearing the ring that precipitated the manicure, and voila! According to Tip #16, there are now two anti-aging factors at work.

If you are going to wear a ring, by all means wear one that makes you smile. Tip #11 suggests: “Smile a lot.” Three anti-aging factors! That’s a lot of youthfulness resulting from wearing one beautiful ring.

Food for thought.

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