The Age of Aquamarine: 8 Jewels for March and Beyond

 Ivanka Trump Patras aquamarine drop earrings

Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

Those born in the month of March should consider themselves lucky: They have one magnificent gemstone to call their own. Ranging from the palest, most delicate shade of sea blue to one so vivid it can be confused for blue topaz, it’s hard to find a gemstone, metal type, or clothing ensemble, for that matter, that won’t pair well with aquamarine.

Sydney Lynch Cascade cuff bracelet

Sydney Lynch


Lauren K Gemma natural aquamarine pendant

Lauren K

Working in retail, it was not uncommon to see customers opting to pass on a diamond or sapphire engagement ring for an aquamarine one. The finished designs were just as stunning, from antique settings to contemporary ones.



Bibi van der Velden aquamarine Art Deco necklace

Bibi van der Velden


This is a strong stone, sometimes called the poor man’s diamond in reference to its hardness (about a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale). Despite its silly nickname, if it’s good enough for royalty, it’s spectacular for me. 

ENZO by Lorenzo Santa Maria aquamarine necklace

ENZO by Lorenzo

Aquamarine is a chameleon: Faceted or rough, it is luxurious in platinum with diamonds or sapphires and laid-back in a no-fuss, sterling silver setting. When it is in a high-end design, can it take your breath away or what?


Loretta Castoro Love Doves aquamarine cocktail ring

Loretta Castoro


Spark Creations sapphire and aquamarine pendant

Spark Creations


Legend holds that sailors often wore aquamarine to prevent seasickness—take note for those customers planning a cruise! Its powers are said to keep the wearer healthy and free of diseases. True or not, it certainly can’t hurt to take a few precautions when boarding a ship full of people, right?

Omi Prive split-shank aquamarine cocktail ring

Omi Privé

Whatever reason your clients are shopping for aquamarine—a March birthday, a 19th wedding anniversary, or just their love of blue—keep a steady stock of this sensational gem. New designs continue to amaze and bring out its beauty, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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