The 2012 JCK Retailer Survey: Salary

Our annual JCK Retailer Survey gives the lowdown in five crucial categories of operations—store, stock, sales, staff, and salary.

Check out what jewelers had to say about their salaries in 2012.

What is the average number of hours you work per week?

Good news! You’re not working quite as many hours as you did last year.

How did your salary change in 2012?

More than 17 percent of you reported a pay cut last year, compared with slightly more than 9 percent this year. Most, however, reported a salary flatline.

To what degree are you satisfied with your job?

All kvetching aside, the majority of you are at a minimum “very satisfied” with your jobs.

What employee benefits do you receive?

Jewelers are hard-pressed to offer every benefit to their employees, but medical insurance is considerably more common than, say, paid sick leave.

What is the single most important factor affecting your job satisfaction?

Working with friends and cherished clients tops this year’s list—easily beating more tangible perks such as salary and benefits.

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