The 13 Best JCK Covers: 1975–79

The JCK covers from the late 1970s were so entertaining that I expanded this cover collection to 13 so I could include some of the goofier ones along with the beautiful ones.

This collection also marks the last decade of JCK covers I’ll be reviewing this year. But stayed tuned because in December I’ll be choosing my 50 favorites from the early 1800s­ to the 1970s with the help of JCK’s editorial team.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Some fun facts about the time span of this JCK cover collection:

JCK May 1975

JCK August 1975

JCK January 1976

JCK March 1976

JCK April 1976

JCK October 1976

JCK April 1977

JCK August 1977

JCK October 1977

JCK January 1978

JCK June 1978

JCK August 1978

JCK February 1979

JCK October 1979

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